Web Development

We combine all the important aspects behind the web development to deliver the best experience possible. Putting together super cool web design with solid SEO proportions is very critical for the successful online business.

Web Design

Clean and catchy web design, related to the each different business category, to ensure the best user experience when someone visits the website. Important thing is to get visitors attention so they stay and engage with the website, and do not leave after 2 seconds.


After all is done and in the place, our solid and 100% natural SEO is the last thing that any website need. 99% of our SEO is manual work done by one of our highly trained experts. We want to see Your Business on the first page of Google, that is our challenge!

Welcome to the MaltaNetworks.org SEO & Web Development Company!

One of the Most Advanced SEO Strategies on the Internet.

web design and SEO services

MaltaNetworks.org is presenting the quality web design and 100% safe SEO services on Malta and also the smaller island of Gozo. What is the benefit and difference? It’s probably the real expertise in search engine optimization, that we are able to rank the websites naturally and safe. It’s more than important to play on the safe side with the SEO, and we know that very well. Our Malta SEO expert will do exactly what Google advice to do, so everything looks natural.

What is SEO Good For? This is another question that we hear a lot, so just quickly and in understandable way I will explain what actually is SEO.

Search engine optimization is a process where an expert is basically building an online presence all over the different web properties such as websites, blogs, forums, social media, web 2.0, and in a nut shell, presenting the business as It’s a “real deal”, serious and quality business on the market. And the search engines will reward your website for providing good products or services, by moving you up in their online organic listings. Sometimes, It is a very complex job to get on the first page and It has to be done right by a professional who knows. The regular web development or web design company wouldn’t know SEO, so It’s the best advice to find an Expert like us.

For designing the website, It’s going to be a little bit easier to find the good web designer, as there is more of them than SEOs. There are no schools and very few courses for learning the SEO, but there are a plenty of schools teaching web design. What we do is unique and comes from the experience.

In the modern days, businesses are surviving on the traffic/customers flow from the internet and all of that thanks to the fast-growing mobile phones market. People own a smartphone or an iPhone everywhere. Spending a lot of time on the internet, many of these people end up buying something IF they were shopping or seeking services on your website, the customer and money are yours. Because the Google alone takes over the 70% of all searches on the internet, and because the first page of Google’s organic listing receive shocking 92% of ALL searches, page two about 4 -5% and the rest is just remnants, the forgotten places.


So, by I hope that by explaining what is the purpose of SEO a little bit further, you as a business owner understand that having your business website displayed on the first page of Google for a high volume of traffic and competitive keywords, IS the ABSOLUTE KEY to gaining the advantage and leveraging your business market. Some big companies pay thousands every month for advertising, and we proved that the cost of our SEO is always 100% cheaper, on receiving the same amount of online traffic. We also proved that the traffic from organic searches is better quality, and converts more.

Quiet few businesses were asking us how much we do SEO pay-per-call, but we always say that we don’t do that. Our company is only accepting month to month payments with no contract.

Hopefully, everyone understands how important is SEO for every business. So whether you decide to hire MaltaNetworks.org SEO expert Malta and Gozo, is only your choice. At least, you take away some knowledge of the search engine marketing into the future.

Meet Our Experts:

Why MaltaNetworks.org:

We really focus on delivering the results to our clients, and It sometimes requires hard work. The relatively cheap packages that many SEO companies promote are from 99% of a time waste of money, because we know how much the complete SEO scene changed,  and It requires more time and focus. For example, if some big company comes to us and tell us to rank their site for very competitive keywords under 2 months, we refuse even if there is a big financial reward. The reason why is because It takes much more work and time to do all that without falling into the Google’s penalty trap. It’s very easy to get the website penalized, but It’s very hard to get It fixed. So we strongly do not recommend quick SEO jobs, neither we DO them. Thanks for understanding and all the best with your thriving businesses.

Those who are interested, go and fill out our Discovery Form to qualify for our services.

What You Get With Us:

  • Professional looking website specifically custom made for your business!

    We are experts, so we know what design and layout work the best for each business.

  • Monthly SEO Service Fully Loaded to Get You on the #1 Page of Google!

    Our SEO expert will work on your online presence of your business until your website is on the 1st page, remember, we are real professionals and we know what to do.

  • Watch Your Business Grow!

    You will need to hire more staff, after what we’ll do to your business. Many business owners simply overlook the power of sitting on the first page in Google, Youtube, Bing and other search engines.

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Our advanced portfolio options allow you to effortlessly showcase your talents to bring in more business!