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We like to work very straight forward with our clients, so we expect in return that our clients will do the same, for the sake of our best partnership. The work that we do is detailed and precise, exactly describing the individual business, so we need to know a little bit of the “Key” information about your business. (see the form below)

It’s in our mutual favor, both the client(s) and us, that our clients answer the questions up to their best knowledge and correctly, so our Expert can start analyzing the info together with the business website, competition on the market and the possible options that we come up with. We determined and designed those questions in our discovery form, specifically for what we need to know for the best SEO plan and at the same time limit the number of questions down for the client’s efficiency.

Another thing that we have to mention is, that we will not work with the start-ups engaged in “make money online” niches or “get rich quick schemes.” We hope that this is understandable, that our company works only with businesses that are serious about their outcome and have a good quality of a product or service. Adult material schemes are also the ones we refuse to work with and that’s just about it.

Basically saying that if you run a quality business or have a good solid plan, we are very much open to working together.



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