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Web hosting services are growing on-demand year by year as more business owners go online because of necessity in marketing. It’s totally normal to order the pizza online, as well as plumber, carpenter, landscaper, gardener, cleaner, various installation services, etc. These and many more are the businesses that need a solid online presence.


SEO Web Hosting and PBN Strategy

Easy Blog Networks SEO strategy

SEO is also another highly important part of business marketing, especially for local businesses. But it can get very costly and complicated, and it requires a lot of resources such as quality content, blogging, guest post, and linking opportunities, press releases, video marketing, PBNs, web hosting, domains.

The bulletproof PBN strategy requires a lot of costly resources like as many different web hosting accounts from different companies as you can get and high-quality auction sale domains. The good domain will cost you around $50 to $2500 dollars, and web hosting on average $70 per year per account. So if you want 20 PBNs you need 20 web hosting accounts and 20 domains = 1400+2000 = $3400 just to the start, and I mean it’s JUST 20 PBNs?! Normally you’d need around at least 50 to make a good impact.

Easy Blog Networks PBN web hosting services have solved this problem and cut the web hosting costs in half, plus the blog building autopilot feature saves you hours of the time of setting up each web hosting account with all the scripts, etc.


What is Easy Blog Networks?

Easy Blog Networks is the SEO web hosting provider, that allows you to store hundreds of blogs with unique web hosting accounts and ips under one dashboard. All you need is a domain, log in to the EBN dashboard, and click add the blog. Then you just fill in the main info like URL and name of the site, pick desired plugins, and click install. Takes a few minutes and the system generates the web host and nameservers that you must change for the domain at your domain registrar, and your new WordPress blog with a unique theme is installed and you can post.

More information at Easy Blog Networks Review


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