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Malta and It’s sister island Gozo are full of different kinds of businesses that need the solid and professional web development services, covering website design and search engine optimization. In these days, It’s very hard to run a prosperous business without at least a company website. And we are pretty much sure that having a website and bulletproof SEO strategy will be inevitable in the future.

But It’s not just about find and hire any digital marketing or web development agency. Whether It’s marketing, web design or development company, they all do more or less the same job. They build your website, maybe build some social pages, and if you are lucky they will do some very basic SEO in a separate price package for very cheap. It’s either one time purchase of backlinks package or something like 199 per month or so. We can say right away that It’s the waste of money and time because what you will get is nowhere near to what your business website needs to rank in the top of the search engines, mainly talking about Google.

So if someone think that they would save money by paying 200 instead of 500+ per month, you are right, but the results won’t come either. Also, there is really not fixed price for this. Every business, website and competition is different, so no one can really determine the price before the deep analysis of a website and the market has been done. Hopefully, everybody understands where we are getting at with this. People naturally don’t trust the things that they don’t understand, and scepticism comes in the first place.

Every solid Digital Marketing agency will do the analysis first then consult you with the options,  and come up with the price. There are so many factors on which the actual price does depend on, and the expert should be able to tell you.

But there is not really many people doing what we do, which makes us and our company unique. We built up our expertise the hard way with thousands of our of experimenting, testing, and implementing what works and discarding what doesn’t. It’s hard work, but It’s very much worth It at the end. You can imagine your website as when you are building your own house. Surely you would not build It just from any cheapest material, but you would choose what you think is the best or you would hire someone who knows what is the best. With the website It’s the same, It is like a personal virtual business office, where you want everything to be of a good quality.

Many business owners still don’t know, but digital marketing is becoming huge and whether you will extend your horizons and start now or not, will have a big portion of an impact on survival of your business. I am not saying this and don’t intent to scare anyone, that’s just how It is.

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