Before You Hire an SEO Expert!

Our explanation of SEO pricing and how to chose the right Company or Professional on the market.

How Search Engine Optimization Works – In 2016 and Beyond is a new innovated Search Engine Marketing company specializing in improved SEO strategies that don’t comply with Google and their guidelines. The process could be slower, but pretty much rewarding in the form of the first position in search engines.

Because of the fact that Google holds almost 70% of total internet searches, I will mainly mention Google as our main objective. Also, because the third biggest search engine after FB is Youtube, and Google owns It, It’s the important focus point as well.

So many other SEO experts just over complicate the things and run into trouble without even knowing it. In these days, the SEO is more about quality content, patience, good experience in researching the market and watching up for updates or some greater website optimization strategies. The only way to do best quality SEO services is to out of crab and select what really works.

It’s a quiet technical stuff combined with “out of the box” thinking of online marketing. In these days the only successful way of every business, small or big, local or international, the only thing is differentiation, stepping out of the crowd.

Literally, Do Things Different!

People are looking for innovation and positive results. The price is very hard to determine without further consultation and analysis of the business. And because we want the first page of Google for every keyword we set, we will accept the challenge.

With the whole long-time complexity of each business campaign, we do full priority loaded campaign with constant maintenance of all web properties and profiles, as far as the monthly payment of agreed amount from both sides has been placed. Until the client doesn’t cancel the agreed monthly subscription payment, our SEO expert will keep on working on the client’s business SEO structure, simple as that.

It’s not just businesses in Malta and Gozo that needs proper care about their online presence, but the companies and businesses all around the world. To catch up with the fast modern age, It’s necessary for the health and thriving of every business. If not now, definitely in the near future. Just about how quickly is mobile market growing, with the accessibility of the internet almost everywhere in the world. Competition is everywhere, but if you put the applied knowledge into the appropriate action, you can be ahead of all of that.

“We specialize in SEO science and every single new technique is a passion for us. MaltaNetworks SEO.”

Explanation of Services and Pricelist Breakdown:

#1Full SEO

Now, as much as We don’t like much the single package little jobs, We understand that our complete fully loaded SEO monthly subscription is not for everyone and could be a little bit pricey. (Depends on what type of business, the size of the competition, and amount of work done on the website, remember?). And as was mentioned as well, we can’t tell the exact price for the job before we analyze assess everything together and create a basic plan, the framework. After all of this, we will consult, estimate and agree on the price. So It’s very important that every serious client goes to Discovery Page on this website, in the top right corner.This will bring you to our Discovery Form Application that you suppose to complete according to your best knowledge, so we can learn

This will bring you to our Discovery Application Form that you need to complete according to your best knowledge, so we can learn about your business and current situation. The questions are specifically chosen and designed to gain only the information that is related to your business, trade. Our expert will have to analyze all the data, research the market and competition, and get an idea of how much effort and resources it would take to rank on 1st page of Google, Bing, Yahoo or even giant Youtube.

Why We don’t like “cheap” SEO packages and fixed prices:

This is tricky from reason one. It’s lucrative to the customer because of the cheap price tag (ex. €199/month, €99 fixed price backlinks package etc.) Second. A lot of people go for one of these cheaper options and it gets them nowhere = wasted client’s money.

And It’s not only the money that is going to hurt, It’s also the website, the business Itself. In these days, the search engines are so advanced, that they can spot some cheap and poor linking activity on your website, and they will penalize you in one or the other way, but basically, all of the kinds of penalties are the result of decreased website rankings.

We will eventually come up with cheaper, smaller packages and solutions that will be effective, but at the moment, We just offer Full SEO, which is the best solution anyway.

SEO services for Businesses on Malta and Gozo, but we work with international clients as well, as far as It all covers the English language. Thanks for Understanding.

Professional Online Presence

Having a solid online presence will gain TRUST in the eyes of Your prospects, so they will be more open to buy your product or services!

Positioning on the Market

Nowadays It's very critical for thriving businesses to strategically position themselves up in the competitive market. You can be sure that your competition is already DOING IT, so don't be late!

Grow Your Successful Business

With a decent flow of traffic, solid product or services, and strategic positioning in the market, you have everything you need to scale up and grow your business and revenue into the higher levels.

Relax and Focus on What Matters

With our fully advanced and tested SEO, you can literally just sit back and watch how we do all of the online technical stuff for you with the precision to the detail. We know our business and how to do it right.

More Traffic to Your Website

Never worry about traffic again! Our unique SEO services will deliver more traffic that will convert into the customers and sales for Your Business!

Every Business Needs Traffic

As a business owner, you probably know that the Traffic is a life-blood of every business, no questions asked! And our experts will make sure to deliver exactly what your business and website needs.

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