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Web Design and development services

We also provide web design and development services on Malta and Gozo, mostly working with WordPress CMS. We prefer to use WordPress as It provides the wide range of themed designs and It’s the most popular and friendly platform for the Search Engines like Google. Use of WordPress also perfectly integrates with our SEO strategies and campaigns that we offer. Therefore, what use have the beautifully designed website if no one can find It anywhere on the internet? Online visibility is as much as important as nice and clean web design.

To develop nice looking and Google friendly website is very important for every business. That’s why we sometimes prefer to completely rebuild or build a new website to ensure that the most important criteria are met.

We have thousands of specific layouts and designs that fit any kind of business. To ensure that the website is user-friendly, our expert will choose the specific and the most suitable design for the website.

There are so many aspects that deeply connect the web design and SEO. This is also one of the reasons why we do not like to share the work on the same web property with the other web designer or SEO expert. We hope that most of the people can understand that. Our work is very detailed and tidy by archiving every step we do, and if we want to ensure the top client’s satisfaction, our company has to work that way and no other.

Essential Tips For Hiring A Web Designer In Malta

If you’re thinking about hiring a web design company, then Malta is a location where you will find plenty of top-notch services. However, before you rush out and hire the next web designer you see, it’s worth learning a few tips on how to select the right person for the role. In this guide, you will find several tips that will certainly point you in the right direction. With this in mind, let’s take a look.

Tip 1 – Know What You Want.

It’s always a good idea to think long and hard about the kind of website you want before you even think about hiring a web designer. While a skilled web designer will be able to take your ideas and make them a reality – they can’t read your mind – so the best way to avoid disappointment is to make sure you have a firm idea of what you’re looking for in the first place.

Something to consider is whether you want your site to be highly visual, or more simple and reserved. Ultimately, the industry you are in will often dictate the type of website which is best suited to your needs. So good way to get some ideas is to check other websites in your industry and see what’s working for them.

Tip 2 – Always Check the Portfolio.

It’s safe to say that any skilled web designer should have a host of qualifications which will show you that they’ve studied the subject in depth, and they know how to code and design a website in either HTML or PHP. However, one of the best ways to decide whether you’ve found the right person to build your website is to examine their portfolio in bigger detail. I am not saying that the web designer who is new and doesn’t have much to show yet, is bad choice, there is a plenty of brilliant beginning web designers, but just to be on a safe side, I advise to ask if they have something to show, they should.

Of course, if the designer doesn’t have a portfolio to show you, then it’s best to probably walk away. However if they do provide you with a few example sites, pay close attention to how easy-to-use the websites are and whether you enjoy their overall style. Analyzing their portfolio in this way will give you a great idea of their skill level and what they can do for you. And that’s for sure.

Tip 3 – Always Check the References.

If you’re hiring a web designer in Malta or Gozo to build a simple, personal website, then perhaps you can get away with hiring a raw beginner. However, if you are hiring a designer to build a corporate website that will represent your business interests, then it’s important to make sure you pick someone who can do the job to a very high standard.

With this in mind, it wise to avoid anyone who you are not sure about and pick a web designer or even an agency who has the skills and vision to give you a website that makes a positive impression. Often, checking the designers references is the best way to decide this, because if they have a fistful of references from people who were delighted with their services, then there’s a good chance they can do a great job for you as well.

Confusion Between Web Design and SEO

Also, I have to address here the one big confusion that some of my clients and other business owners come to. The Web Design and Web Development are similar things, but Web Design and SEO (search engine optimization) not. Those are two different things, and I will just roughly explain why.

Web Design is just the job within the external look and impression of the website. On the other hand, the SEO is creating and altering the content within the website and around It. Meaning that the expert has to assess the whole plan, and create well-optimised quality content, and strategically spread It around the internet, other websites, social properties, Press Releases etc. Of course, the entire process is much more complex, but just to get anyone an idea.

We do both, and one of the main reasons why is because if we work for the client, we do not want anyone else’s job, interfere with ours. For example, the wrong design of the website, or website’s content, could hurt our SEO effort.

So we usually do not take over other designer’s design job to do SEO. We would have to either completely rebuild It, or build a new site.

We hope It’s understandable.

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