What is Happening on the SEO Scene Right Now

We cannot deny that SEO is being a massive subject right now and that hundreds of new and effective SEO companies are showing up to lift up the local business market. This all makes sense, since the rising mobile and internet market and big demand. It’s been said that this is the right and perfect time for the business to work on their online presence before the competition will really arise and saturates the business market.

This is true, many businesses would have a huge advantage, only “if” they hire the right SEO Expert to make it all happen. Forget about the old-school web development or we design companies, they mostly know nothing about SEO and how it works today. Now there is a new age of SEO experts like us, who dominate the Google and other search engines. We learned the extensive hard way to figure out how the hell SEO works.

It’s a delicately detailed and long process in which everything has to be done right, but on the end, It’s rewarding with the traffic from the first page of the organic listing and credibility. Google knows that and so do we.

The businesses evaluate their first-page position and traffic on the different levels, meaning that the advocacy agency will value their website traffic on the much higher scale than local carpenter. The competition levels will be likewise different. With a fair evaluating of the client’s business and budget, the price will be also determined from there.

Business owners expect to hear the price before the expert have a chance to analyse and evaluate the SEO costs, to compare and choose the cheapest company or expert. We are being asked all the time, how much we charge for our services, and we always tell that we just cannot say that before we actually analyse everything, and to do so, please go to our discovery page to fill out the application form and we will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.

And guess what, most of the people just skip that probably thinking that from the some reason we do not want to tell them the price in order to trick them. It just doesn’t work. But the thing is that the serious businesses know what we are talking about, and they understand that. And those are more likely for us to work with.

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